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Leif's Event List

from Feb 14, 2018 to Apr 16, 2018 | Move Back - Move Forward

Feb 21 8pm  
Murphy's Pub
Evening Jazz: Leif Totusek and Phil Sparks at Murphy's Pub
Feb 23 8pm  
Delizioso European Bistro
Love Gangsters - Eric Fridrich and Leif Totusek
Mar 2 5pm  
Latona Pub
1-2-3 Totusek, Sparks, Jones
Mar 8 4pm  
Jazz Duo Seattle
Alexis Maurer & Leif Totusek "jazz guitar duo"
Mar 10 7pm  
Luso Food And Wine
Leif Totusek = guitar
Mar 10 9pm  
Rumba Notes Lounge
Leif Totusek & Candela
Mar 15 8pm  
Hotel Albatross Ballard
Unko Funki - Eric Apoe at Hotel Albatross
Mar 16 9pm  
Rumba Notes Lounge/date changed
Boka Koukate - Djeliyah Band
more details coming soon...
Mar 17 2:15pm  
Conor Byrne Saint Patrick's Day
The Jamisons: Julie Baldridge, Leif Totusek
Mar 17 4pm  
Ould Triangle
Leif Totusek plays Traditional Irish music
Mar 28 8pm  
Murphy's Pub
Phil Sparks & Leif Totusek ~ jazz
Mar 30 10:30am  
Rhythm Ambassadors
Mar 31 6pm  
Port Townsend Brewery Co
"Love Gangsters" Eric Fridrich & Leif Totusek
Apr 6 5pm  
Latona Pub
Totusek, Sparks, Jones 1-2-3 jazz
Apr 12 9pm  
Hotel Albatross Ballard
Leif Totusek & Candela
Apr 13 12pm  
School Assembly
Rhythm Ambassadors
Apr 13 8pm  
Delizioso Bistro - Millcreek,WA
"Love Gangsters" Leif Totusek & Eric Fridrich
Apr 15 8pm  
Hotel Albatross Ballard
SUNDAY APRIL 15 @ Hotel Albatross Ballard
Leif Totusek & 1-2-3
Leif Totusek - guitar Phil Sparks - bass Larry Jones and guest from Portland Tigers of Youth
Location: 2319 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107
Time 8 PM


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