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Leif's Event List

from Jul 12, 2018 to Sep 11, 2018 | Move Back - Move Forward

Jul 18 2pm  
Candela Rehearsal
Leif Totusek
Jul 19 8pm  
Cafe Racer
Boom Bah Blues Mobius Jones at Cafe Racer
Boom vocals/bass
Leif Totusek vocals/guitar
Carl T. Edwards vocals/guitar
Robi Morsehead - drums
Jul 21 5pm  
Whidbey Island, Wa Leif Totusek guest with Gye Nyame, African music
Leif Totusek guest with Gye Nyame, African music
Jul 21 8pm  
Delizioso Bistro "Mill Creek, WA"
SATURDAY JULY 21 @ Delizioso European Bistro & Wine Bar
Dagi Presents... Leif Totusek - vocals/guitar ~ Global Music
Location: 15117 Main St A105 Main St, Mill Creek, WA 98012
Time: 8 PM
reservations: 425.225.5733
Jul 25 8pm  
Murphy's Pub
Phil Sparks & Leif Totusek "Evening Jazz"
Jul 27 8pm  
Delizioso Bistro
"Love Gangsters" Eric Fridrich & Leif Totusek
Jul 28 3pm  
Rainer Beach Plaza
Djeliyah Band
Jul 28 7pm  
Salsa Con Todo
Arturo Rodriguez - percussion and Leif Totusek - guitar
Aug 3 5pm  
Latona Pub
Leif Totusek 1-2-3
Aug 4 11am  
A benefit
Seattle, WA Leif Totusek solo
Aug 10 8pm  
Delizioso - Mill Creek, WA
Leif Totusek vocals/guitar
Aug 16 11am  
Renton Salsa
Rhythm ambassadors
Aug 16 8pm  
Cafe Racer
Boom Bah Blues "Mobius Jones"
Aug 17 5pm-7pm  
Friday Harbor Arts Festival
Leif Totusek Freestyle Candela
Aug 18 4pm  
Boka Kouyate & Leif Totusek
Wedding Celebration
Aug 24 8pm  
Delizioso - Mill Creek, WA
Love Gangsters
Aug 26 6pm  
Birthday Celebration
Leif Totusek - vocals/guitar
Aug 29 8pm  
Murphy's Pub
Evening Jazz - Leif Totusek & Phil Sparks
Aug 31 5pm  
Port Townsend Brewery
Love Gangsters, more details coming soon ...
Sep 1 2pm  
VIP Renton, WA
Rhythm Ambassadors
Sep 2 6pm  
Issaquah, WA
Seattle Stu Jazz Trio - Leif Totusek & Lamar Lofton
Sep 11  
Recording Session
Live Recording Session


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