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Harmony Hill's Event List

from Apr 19, 2017 to Jun 19, 2017 | Move Back - Move Forward

May 27 2pm-4pm  
Encore Acoustic Duo
Encore is the musical merger of talented lead guitarist and vocalist Mike Combs and versatile singer-songwriter Bob Bridges. As much musical brothers as bandmates, Mike and Bob have played and sung together in bands and ensembles for 30 years, achieving an uncanny synchronicity of vocal blends and instrumental rhythm. With a home-spun, relaxed stage presence and a sheer command of their craft, they invite their audience along for a journey down a road of familiar and favorite melodies and unique and unforgettable harmonies. From classic rock and country to today's biggest artists, Encore is taking you back to the music you love.
May 27 5pm-9pm  
P and P Woodfired Pizza Truck
No need to bring your own food to The Hill this time. The crew at P&P makes gourmet pizzas that will knock your socks off. If you haven't tried them yet this summer, believe me, you can leave the picnic basket home today.
May 27 5pm-9pm  
Anna and the Deeper Well
Anna and the Deeper Well, a family trio from Cincinnati, has been playing throughout the tri-state for the past 11 years. They perform both covers and originals with a style and influence that spans genres and generations. Their "something for everyone" approach has created a show which surprises audiences and leaves no one disappointed. Only here can you hear covers of Bonnie Raitt, Adele, the Eurythmics, Bob Dylan, and Etta James at the same time. As their family has grown with Anna's marriage, so has their duo. You're guaranteed to enjoy this unique blues, pop, folk trio, formerly known as Anna and Milovan.
Jun 2 5pm-9pm  
Meridian is the acoustic duo of Karen Dietrich and Criss Henry. For the past 15 years we’ve been playing in and around the tri-state area. From wineries, to bars and private parties, we’ve played pretty much everywhere. We’ve even been known to turn up on a radio show now and then. This past year Meridian has been trying to add to their song list, adding new songs by some newer artists, as well as older, classic rock. Our interests are always growing and expanding, from newer artists like Brandi Carlisle and Rodrigo y Gabriela to Gaelic Storm.
We describe our acoustic sound as Folk-n- Roll.
Please visit our FaceBook page at
Jun 3 2pm-5pm  
Summer Sessions - Open Mic
Back by popular demand, The Hill Center Stage will feature some of the area's best amateur musicians, comedians, story tellers and actors as we open our stage to what has become a crowd favorite. So bring your guitar, tuba, flutaphone or whatever you have been wanting to do in front of a crowd and enjoy the afternoon on The Hill. Our sound system will be set up and raring to go.
Jun 3 4pm-8pm  
"Wine Not Adopt?" Fundraising and Adoption Event
Join Fureverhome and some of their animal welfare friends at Harmony Hills for a dog-gone fun time. Fureverhome is a social media website dedicated to aiding animal welfare organizations. Fureverhome's services allow animal welfare organizations to save the funds they would usually spend on building a website and put them towards taking care of their adoptables. Your support of Fureverhome allows us to continue in our efforts to make saving the lives of homeless animals easy. We continue to strive to make improvements to our website and mobile app, and therefore making the lives of those running animal welfare organizations a little simpler. Join us at this event, where you might just find you new best friend, and we'll fureakin' love you!
Jun 3 5pm-9pm  
Tim Snyder
Tim is from a musical family and has been playing guitar since the age of 4. His grassroots revert back to Bluegrass Music as a kid. His entire family still plays music to this day. He grew up singing everything from Bill Monroe and the Osborne Brothers to George Jones and Merle Haggard. His versatile vocals range from the easy listening tunes of James Taylor and Jimmy Buffett to the classic rock hits of Bob Seger and the Eagles.
Jun 9 5pm-9pm  
Mic and Jill
Mick and Jill love making music. Their goal is to convey that same passion to others. be it at a wine tasting, restaurant, or private venue or occasion. They enjoy bringing back memories with classics from the 70's and 80's, to current contemporary songs. There's something for everyone whether it's Folk, Americana, Country, or Rock 'n Roll. And, there's always a handful of originals. You'll here music from Lyle Lovett to John Mayer Beatles to Steely Dan, as well as Patty Griffin, Joni Mitchell, and Allison Krauss. You can "friend" them on facebook (, or be part of their email list at
Jun 10 5pm-9pm  
The Weathered Road
We are very excited to premier a Burgh band from our home city on The Hill Center Stage this summer. The Weathered Road is the journey that any artist takes when they decide to turn a passion into a reality. Their music is lyrically motivating, harmony focused, and percussion driven. Listeners can anticipate "riding the wave" of human emotion and going on a journey that takes them anywhere they want to go. They are often likened to Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer for their warm vocals but also for the sheer and raw power of their songs.
It has been, and will always be, a collaborative effort. One that includes the good folks that become part of the family from town to town and city to city.
Jun 16 5pm-9pm  
Blind Faith
Jeff Hager and David Stautberg are more than just an acoustic duo. We use multiple instruments depending on the needs of the song. We play an eclectic mix of rock, blues, and country covers along with originals. Collectively we have been playing music in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana for close to 40 years. Please visit our Facebook page for videos, pictures and scheduled events.
Jun 17 5pm-9pm  
Emily Barnes
Harmony Hill is very pleased to welcome back a dynamic young talent to The Hill. Hailing from the tiny rural town of Johnsonburg, NJ, 23-year-old indie singer-songwriter Emily Barnes has been wowing audiences of all shapes and sizes for the past 3 years with her hypnotic vocals and eclectic style.

A staple in the Northwest New Jersey music scene, Barnes writes and sings songs that belie her age. Songs of love found and lost, of hope and disappointment. Armed with an acoustic guitar and an array of imaginative tattoos Emily is no old school folkie but she’s no pop princess either. Instead Emily is true to her intuition, writing from the heart and turning heads with a voice that cuts to the bone. Think early Nora Jones with a funkier fashion sense.

Her debut album “Beautiful Goodbyes” was released in January 2014.


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